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Medicare Payment

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(June 18, 2003)

June 18, 2003

Via Telecopy

The Honorable W.J. Tauzin
United States House of Representatives
2183 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Tauzin:

The cancer community is united in its opposition to the extreme cuts in payment for cancer care in physician offices, as reflected in the Committee's current proposal. Physicians, nurses, and patients from throughout the country are convinced that these cuts will precipitate disruption in access to care, including layoffs of nurses and closing of satellite offices. Particularly for patients in rural areas with few alternatives, these reductions will be devastating.

We support reform of the current Medicare system for reimbursing cancer care, but that reform must be balanced, adequately increasing payment for services while also reducing payment for drugs. The only vehicle under consideration that represents this balanced reform is that crafted by Representatives Norwood and Capps. We urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject the Committee proposal and support the Norwood-Capps provision.


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